Stuck on repeat… (The QH January 2013)

This piece was published in January 2013 in The QH (the student newspaper at The University of Westminster.)

Green Day – Troublemaker

  One of the standout cuts from the first part of Green Day’s trilogy, Uno!, Troublemaker is an insistent, infectious track that’ll get stuck in your head for so long you’ll need a full frontal lobotomy in order to remove it. The irony in Billie Joe Armstrong’s voice when he spits; “Hey! I like your BMW” is laugh out loud hilarious.

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell

  A criminally underrated rock classic from the peroxide-topped godfather of British punk. Steve Steven’s guitar parts throughout this song are an absolute joy to behold, and my god, just listen to that chorus. Sheer brilliance.

Bryan Adams – 18 ‘til I Die

  A chorus soaked guitar opens this paean to eternal youth and relentless optimism from 1998’s album of the same name. Let’s face it, we can all identify with this one; “never say no, try anything twice”

Aviici – Levels

  Okay, so perhaps it’s the wrong time of year for something so relentlessly summery, but ‘Levels’ is a hell of a record. For a deliciously different take on the Swedish dance maestro’s biggest hit to date, check out the Skrillex remix too. Expect to hear this one on heavy rotation in clubs and trendy clothes shops for years to come.

Blink 182 – Another Girl, Another Planet

  A perennial favourite, this. A cover of The Only Ones track of the same name, this will chisel a Cheshire cat sized grin to your visage and there it will remain. Mark Hoppus’ vocal on this one complements the lyrics superbly, and the guitars are treacle thick. Combined with drummer Travis Barker’s usual over the top sticksmanship, this is a rare example of a cover surpassing the original.


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