Suzy Fox (Lincolnshire Echo August 2012)

This piece was first published in August 2012 in The Lincolnshire Echo.

  I’d like to take the time this month to introduce you all to one of Lincoln’s up and coming talents; the irrepressible Suzy Fox. At home performing solo with just an acoustic guitar for accompaniment or tearing up the stage with her band Audio Defect, her skills as both a vocalist and a performer seem limitless. She’s a talent that literally makes people stop in their tracks and listen, as I witnessed at one of her recent solo performances. I overheard a somewhat off colour comment when she began her set, but said comments were very soon replaced with gushing superlatives when Suzy began to perform.

  She cites her main stylistic influences musically as a blend of Jazz and Gothic music; and lyrically her music is an even split of the biographical and social commentary, drawing on situations she sees around her on a daily basis. She is a gifted guitarist, picking up her first six string when she was just ten, and having lessons from age twelve. Fingerpicked styles are a speciality, adding colour and texture to her solo pieces.

  Suzy possesses that rare quality whereby you don’t just hear the songs, you feel them. It’s almost as if she is reaching into your very soul, willing you to share the music with her, wanting you to feel exactly how she felt when the song was written. One notable example of this is the utterly electrifying How Do I React To This?, a song that crackles with a sense of rage and frustration that every single one of us has felt from time to time, like the sky during a particularly violent storm. Spine tingling would be an understatement.

  Her selection of cover tunes further illustrate her eclecticism, placing her own personal stamp on each song she does. I have seen Suzy play live many times, during which I’ve heard her perform a superbly soulful version of Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy, Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters and, perhaps the clearest representation of the Gothic side of her style and a sultry cover of Finnish goths HIM’s Heartkiller to name but a mere handful.

  Suzy plays live regularly at several different venues in and around Lincoln, and I suggest you go and see her play. Look out for her at Switch at Walkabout on Thursdays, and in the meantime you can check out her material, including pieces I’ve mentioned in this article by searching bambisuzy on YouTube. You can also find her musician page on Facebook.


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