Vienna Ditto ‘Liar Liar’ EP – Review.

Vienna Ditto ‘Liar Liar’ EP – Review.


  Comprising singer Hatty Taylor and guitarist Nigel Frith, Vienna Ditto describe themselves as a “Voodoo Sci-Fi Blues Duo”. This should be interesting, then. First track ‘Little Fingers’ is a lilting almost lullaby of a song, with gentle drums and understated strings making up a good proportion of the track, peppered with the occasional synth stab to ensure you don’t quite drift off. “I didn’t sleep too well last night”, whispers vocalist Hatty Taylor – try listening to your own music, you might have more success. However this isn’t necessary a bad thing; whilst it may not be immediate, not to mention the sonic equivalent of a shot of whiskey chased with a couple of valium it’s still a good opener. ‘The Undefeated’ is a husky statement of intent; “You can’t break me, lord have mercy”, sings Taylor – in at least one instance with just a soupcon of menace, prior to an ill-advised musical abstraction near the end of the song. The evocative ‘Whatever Comes My Way’ is next, a simple fingerpicked electric guitar part leaves the wonderful vocals ample breathing space. Images of early evening give way to the revelation that “Love is an addiction that makes beggars of us all, and I take whatever comes my way”. The title track closes the EP, and it’s musically focused yet fresh; a fuzzy bass mimicks the drum part in the verses and there’s something wonderfully immediate about the whole package.  Irritatingly however, there’s another musical abstraction that builds into the final chorus that sounds like a record speeding up – and the tempo increases throughout the final chorus. It rather ruins what I reckon has to be the most subtle musical “f**k you” committed to record in recent years.

  In short, despite the rather random musical misadventures, ‘Liar Liar’ is a great EP. Vienna Ditto are a band to watch, for sure.

You can stream the EP here:


Thanks to Chris Singleton from Prescription PR for providing the EP for review.


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