The Week In Music.

Couple of interesting snippets of un-news from planet music this week, the first being that one of the new tracks from noted bastion of humbleness Kanye West’s forthcoming album is titled ‘I Am A God’. Nope, sunshine – you’re a f***ing deluded douchebag.

Justin Bieber and Usher have been sued for copyright infringement by two songwriters who claims sonic turd ‘Somebody To Love’ shares lyrical and stylistic similarites to a song they wrote of the same name around 2008. Davin Copeland and Mareio Overton – I salute you.

Rhianna has been booed at a show in Boston for arriving for a gig THREE hours late. Not just a gig, but a rescheduled one. Frankly, the talentless little tramp got off lightly – she ought to have been shot for such utter unprofessionalism and disrespect to her fans. It’s also apparently not an isolated incident. Utterly shameful.

In their latest idiotic, ill advised stunt religious f***wit nutjobs the westboro baptist church (pick me up on punctuation if you like but these idiots don’t deserve the respect implicit in capital letters) plan to picket the funeral of late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman. Good luck, morons – ever seen what one angry Slayer fan can do, never mind the countless thousands who will doubtless be in attendance? I’m not an advocate of violence – but to any Slayer fans who happen to be reading this and are planning to attend, give ’em hell. And give ’em one from me.