Rant: Caught In The Headlights.

Rant: Caught In The Headlights.

Happy days – the lovely folks over at CALM have decided to let me be a featured writer and spout forth my incessant ramblings over a real, honest-to-god website! If you fancy reading a bit of irrational, bile-encrusted rage you can find my first piece for them by clicking the link. You know you want to.

In all seriousness, CALM – or to give it it’s full title Campaign Against Living Miserably – is an absolutely superb charity, focusing on generating awareness of male mental health issues. They also provide a free, confidential support service. Their website is well worth checking out as it’s an absolute treasure trove of superb writing covering all manner of topics.

Beastmilk – ‘Love In A Cold World’

Beastmilk Cover

Beastmilk – ‘Love In A Cold World’

Blending Robert Smith-esque vocals with a bleak apocalyptic post-punk soundscape, Finnish band Beastmilk are a band I’d absolutely recommend you check out. Taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Climax’, ‘Love In A Cold World’ is the bastard love child of PiL and The Cure that’s been given a can of Red Bull and told to run around in the dark. It’s rather good.

Thanks to James Parrish from Prescription PR for sending me this track.